Windows bots and chatbot messenger communications development

Communication will be the new interface for your product and solution. Your product or service can be present via Skype, Office365, Telegram or Facebook.

A bot is an artifical intelligence recognizing a context and pushing the right information and actions to your user.

We consult our customers in designing and implementation of the bot interaction, architecture and channel distribution. Once it’s designed, you will be able to adress different communication channels like Facebook, Telegram, Office365 or your app.

We are developing bots for customers, agencies and ISVs based on our bot framework. Some projects and ideas in our cognitive lab become products.




Contoso Insurance is a white lable solution for insurance and finance companies to manage customer services.




An easy and efficient way to look for and book a meeting room in your company is our roombooking bot based on Office365.





Take a picture of your DHL, UPS and DPD tracking number from your package and send the picture to trace. Running per mail and messenger trace will notify you in case of a new status.



Looking for a hotel? Use our Skype and Microsoft Teams Bot to find the best IHG Hotel.

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